*21 years old | Master1 - Graphic design | ÉSAD Pyrénées, Pau

I'm a student in Master 1 in Multimedia Graphic Design. I found as passion HTML, CSS and JavaScript languages! My web design's works are caracterized by a brutalist/experimental approach and an attraction for the fonctional aspect of the web (design tools). Always researching new web experiences and websites that are more or less visible, amateur or radical.**

**typography : BluuNext-Bold, OfficeCodePro-Light
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#cepote [collab] 2024 2D Animation

New character design and animation project in collaboration with the influencer NS-Poppy (tiktoker and streamer). Here is a first animation which will follow a series of TikTok videos.

Vinogravure 2024 Web design

Creation of the identity of a wine cellar : logo, business card and website. This fictitious project presents a cellar offering a unique experience through personalized labels, hence the name Vinogravure.

Pen Create 2023 Web design

Converging web and screen printing tool, offers typon creation in 3 steps. Its primary intention is to constrain the user in a suddenly geometric universe and seek diversity in this technically restricted environment.

Thesis 2023 Web design

My brief focuses on the contributions that minimalism can have within the web design, with on the one hand a critique of the templates proposed by major firms like Wix or Behance and on the other hand a highlighting of websites with brutalist appearances, radical, sometimes even amateur. The web version offers a two-level reading experience, the current text on the computer screen and the iconography on mobile, with a “ Appendices/References ” part when reducing the window size.

Tool - Greeting card 2022 Web to print

Tool to create personalized greeting cards, with the possibility to modify text, font, size, images, etc.

Arte Radio 2022 Motion design

Animation work from an audio podcast on “ Arte Radio ”. Starting from a rudimentary soundtrack that mainly evokes everyday noises, I realized a minimal animation of a ball that evolves according to the various sounds.

World news 2023 Motion design

Animation work from an article in “ Le Monde ”. Transcribed in the form of a podcast illustrated with a work of voice-over, punctuated by musical interludes. The choice of this format is intended to emphasize the narrative aspect that emanated from the article.

Hello World 2023 Documentary video

Documentary video about web design, in which I come to bring my vision of its various aspects in response to the ignorance of people outside the field of graphic design.

Construction site 2023 Photography

Photographic project around the construction site, which makes visible an aspect of the city that is not observed, or even hidden. Through formal post-production work, I created nine “ floating ” compositions which evoke the idea of collage.

Editions and Re-editions 2022 / 2023 Graphic design

Re-edition of The standardization of the world by Stefan Sweig ↓

Collective edition presenting 144 student projects ↓

Collective edition that transcribes 5 photographic projects ↓